How to decorate jerseys and active wear without Scorching

When designing team uniforms and active wear you’ll run into difficulties using a heat press to these polyester spandex/lycra?, as well as polyester blend garments. nba replica jerseys These synthetic fabrics are becoming more and more popular due to their breathability, ability to wick moisture, and uniqueness. replica soccer jerseys The decorator is the one who comes into.
The most common issues arise when dressing up sportswear or jerseys.
Adhesion – Synthetic fabrics need special heat press adhesives to bond to the fabric. Some heat transfer vinyl is designed to stay on those types of fabrics.
Heat Press Marks : High temperatures and pressures can cause imprint marks to be left on fabrics made of synthetic.
Scorching The use of heat transfer vinyl at high temperatures can be scorched or melting these materials.
Solutions for decorating heat-resistant jerseys as well as active wear.

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